How do you prepare our meals?

Instructions are on the back of each of our products, but generally you need to bring clean water to a boil, add it to the bag with the meal, seal up the bag and wait roughly 15 minutes for the meal to rehydrate. Stirring the meal occasionally helps this process too!

Are our meals dehydrated or freeze dried? What's the difference?

Our meals are dehydrated, meaning that all water is removed by exposing the food to hot blowing air. This inhibits bacteria growth and naturally preserves the food for many years.

Freeze drying food involves bringing the food down to very low temperatures of around -58 degrees, a process that requires a great deal more energy than dehydrating. This process can also break down cell walls in the food, compromising certain nutrients we want to preserve for your increased performance on the go.

Are our meals for people who aren't vegan or gluten free?

Absolutely! We focus on making nutritionally superior, delicious meals that can fuel every adventure. We ran blind taste tests against competing products that weren’t vegan, and 80% of our participants preferred our product for taste and texture. We did not select participants for our taste tests that were already vegan or gluten free. Check out how our nutrition facts compare to others if you’re still skeptical.

What is the shelf life of our products?

If the product is kept dry and out of direct sunlight or high temperatures it can last up to 5 years!

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